Tomie de Paola Illustrator Award

Thank goodness spring has actually sprung.  I was getting pretty irritated with the winter and its persistence.  But, in my frustration with all things winter, I completely forgot how busy the spring season can be.  The next six weeks are filled with graduations, weddings, performances, and sporting events- as I’m sure they are for you, too.  Unfortunately, this is the time of year that I should lock myself indoors and refuse to leave until my novels are finished.  But with all these social commitments and (finally) beautiful weather…sigh.

So, I wanted to take the time to remind all you illustrators of the wonderful opportunity that Susan Detwiler posted about earlier in the week- The Tomie dePaola Illustrator Award.

The award is given annually to an illustrator who shows  promise and is chosen by the one and only Tomie dePaola. The award consists of  full tuition, transportation and accommodations to the New York Winter Conference held in Manhattan. And, that’s not all.  The winning piece of art will be featured at the annual winter conference in New York.  
What an amazing opportunity!  So, don’t waste a moment more and go get started.  Good luck to you all.

Happy illustrating and writing everyone.

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1 Response to Tomie de Paola Illustrator Award

  1. Sue Poduska says:

    Tomie is so amazing. He funds this award himself. He is 80 this year, and we are helping him celebrate at the LA conference in August. I think he critiques nearly every entry, so please enter. Just to touch his greatness would be worth it.

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