If your goal is staying current with what’s new in children’s writing…

If you (ha-ha) have some extra money from a holiday gift and one of your goals is to stay current with writing for children, consider subscribing to a newsletter like Children’s Writer or Children’s Book Insider. Oddly enough, I have an article in the Dec. CBI newsletter (“Strategy, Skill and Luck: Becoming a Children’s Book Author Today”) with tips for setting goals and sorting and paring down social media.  Both Laura and I, altho’ different styles and different approaches to goal setting, offer pragmatic advice. I also find such newsletters motivate me to write and move toward my goals. I’m sure there are other newsletters but I subscribe to these. Do any of you have other recommendations? Do such newsletters motivate you to write?

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4 Responses to If your goal is staying current with what’s new in children’s writing…

  1. Hi Mary–

    I find Children’s Book Insider really encouraging. I prefer the paper copy over the website, as I tend to get lost in all the clicking. I was on the fence about spending the money this year, and you’ve helped me decide. Thanks for the push to the greener side of the fence.

  2. Danelle Witte says:

    Although I have subscribed to e-newletters for childrens’ writers in the past, I found I was spending precious writing time wading through information that didn’t apply or was a repeat of material I already know. I’m not a beginning writer, so this year I think I’ll be signing up for Publisher’s Weekly. Agents looking for clients and publishing “wishlists” are what I’m in need of. Best wishes to all you SCBWI members for 2011!
    Danelle Witte

  3. Laura Bowers says:

    Thanks for the great tip, Mary, and congrats for your December CBI article! I’m going to have to subscribe to check it out. 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of Children’s Book Insider (CBI) and was fortunate to have found it when I first contemplated writing a children’s book. I found the site’s wealth of information very useful and the formats (written, video, interviews) helpful. I know there are many sites out there, but as far as a “one-stop shop,” I’d recommend CBI to anyone wanting to learn more about the business.

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