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So you want to be a writer? A Beginner’s Guide.

People have often said to me, “I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve never tried because … [insert excuse.]” If you’re one of those people, I totally understand where you’re coming from. 100%. For most of my life, … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Five Oddball Writing Tips

Why haven’t I been doing more Friday Five posts? I love Friday. And I love 5’s despite my aversion to odd numbers and the fact that Novalee Nation had a deep fear of fives from one of my favorite movies, Where … Continue reading

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What A Character!

Hello everyone, I hope you are staying cool through this mid-June heatwave. In keeping with the picture book theme this month, let’s explore the very important element of character development. I’ve recently read a couple of helpful blog posts on … Continue reading

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Picture Book Foibles

It is a myth that picture books are the easiest children’s books to write. According to Aaron Shepard’s award-winning book, The Business of Writing For Children, “picture books may be the hardest — because they demand conciseness, simplicity, and a … Continue reading

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Pre-Conference Polishing

There’s no doubt that this is a tough time for artists and writers. That’s why I’m trying to take hold of all the positive opportunities that come my way this year.  One of those opportunities is the upcoming conference and, … Continue reading

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4 Words of Advice

Happy Tuesday! With NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo lurking around the corner, you don’t have time to read long, inspirational essays, right? Right. So I thought it’d be fun to dig through past Coffee & Conversation interviews with agents and editors who offered … Continue reading

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