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Guest Post by Erin Hagar: Why Author Critiques can be a career-maker!

We’re getting closer to our 2017 From Dreaming to Doing SCBWI Conference! Many of you have submitted manuscripts for a critique with your fingers crossed, hoping you’re assigned to an editor or agent. But what if you’re paired with an … Continue reading

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An As The Eraser Burns Goodbye to Susan Detwiler

Bummer news: The lovely Susan Detwiler is leaving our blogging team, sniff! With over ten years of volunteer work for our SCBWI MD/DE/WV planning committee and nearly two years with the blog, she has certainly been an amazing asset to our region as well as … Continue reading

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Got NaNoWriMo Stress? Take a break with some funning writing videos!

For those of us pounding out the words for National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, aka why am I putting myself through this again, it’s gonna be a long, long month with many late nights and countless cups of coffee. … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Survival Kit: Time to Prep!

Today we’re teaming up with Eastern Penn Points for the #SCBWIsocial Third Thursday Blog Link Up. Want to join along? See details at the bottom of this post. It’s almost that time of year again, folks: National Novel Writing Month, … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Gather Book Ideas | Third Thursday #SCBWIsocial Blog Link Up

Okay. Don’t panic, but for those of us who plan on participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month,) … we only have 46 days until it begins. Well, 47 if we count today. (I’m totally counting today.) Perhaps 47 days … Continue reading

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A Procrastinator’s To-Do List: How to Sap Energy and Creativity from your Writing

Hello and welcome to my new feature that gives you handy tools on how to stop your writing endeavors. The neat thing is, these can be used at any point in your career – whether you are a newbie or published author! … Continue reading

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How To Find Your Blogging Mojo Again | Third Thursday #SCBWIsocial

Hello, and welcome to our very first Third Thursday #SCBWIsocial Blog Link Up! For our part here at As The Eraser Burns, I’m using Eastern Penn Point’s monthly submission theme: The Business of Books. And since blogging is a part of many … Continue reading

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The Five Habits of Professional Writers, by Lori Ann Palma

Originally posted on EasternPennPoints:
  Writing is a tough business. Some will succeed, some will fail, but what lies in between is the ability to treat your craft as if your very livelihood depends on it. In other words, you…

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Monday Motivation

This is the first in a series regarding how one gets motivated, stays motivated, and the tools used to do this. How do you as a writer and/or illustrator get back on the motivation wagon when you’ve fallen off? So, … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Five Oddball Writing Tips

Why haven’t I been doing more Friday Five posts? I love Friday. And I love 5’s despite my aversion to odd numbers and the fact that Novalee Nation had a deep fear of fives from one of my favorite movies, Where … Continue reading

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