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SCBWI MD/DE/WV 25th Annual Still We Re(vise) Conference: Tips, Reminders, and More!

Our annual conference starts tomorrow, y’all. Tomorrow! Yikes! It feels as though our 25th Annual Still We Re(vise) Conference has crept up from behind us and jumped out to scream HELLO! Or maybe that’s just me because I feel so utterly … Continue reading

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New Book Release: Quiet as a Mouse: And Other Animal Idioms by Chiêu Anh Urban!

A belated congratulations and mighty woo-HOO to Chiêu Anh Urban for the January 2nd release of her latest title, Quiet as a Mouse: And Other Animal Idioms!   Are you hungry as a bear? Sly as a fox? Stubborn as a mule? … Continue reading

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