Monday Motivation

This is the first in a series regarding how one gets motivated, stays motivated, and the tools used to do this. How do you as a writer and/or illustrator get back on the motivation wagon when you’ve fallen off?

So, okay, I’ll go first. Susan_working

The beginning of a picture book illustration project is always the hardest for me. Once a project is underway, I am eager to get to work on it each day, and the deadline is usually sufficient to propel me through to the end. But those first marks on paper can intimidate me, and I find myself procrastinating in various ways to avoid the start.

Here’s the trick I have used successfully get myself going: new supplies. A new brush, tube of paint, or a couple of pastel pencils, can light my fire. I can’t wait to play with my new toys! I know, it’s kind of juvenile, but for me it works. Even perusing the art supply store is exciting! All those colors!


How about YOU? Perhaps you’d like to share your experiences, and let us know how you have found the necessary spark. Your story could help a struggling someone!

We invite our readers, and especially our PAL members to share their motivation tips and successes.

Our guidelines: Please send your submission, a brief bio, and optional headshot to Susan Mannix at with all text contained in the body of the email rather than as an attached file. Attached files will not be opened. Due to copyright infringements, we will also not accept or post photographs, cartoons, artwork, etc.

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