Photos from Team SCBWI Conference

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I’m sharing some excellent photos of our conference last month, taken by Mike Turner, who is the brother of one of our distinguished faculty guests, author Nanci Turner Stevenson. Thank you, Mike!

01allThis post comes under the heading Better Late Than Never, because our conference was a month ago already! I apologize for not posting these photos sooner. But to those of you who attended our Team SCBWI conference in Buckeystown March 19-20, you’ll enjoy seeing scenes from the event (and maybe yourself in some shot—!). To those who could not join us, here’s a peek at what went on.

13registration14exterior_barn15exterior_sculpture16exterior_viewThe conference took place at The Claggett Center, a beautiful retreat and conference venue in Buckeystown, MD, which our SCBWI region has used for conferences since July 2010. It is set in rural, rolling hills, complete with breathtaking views.

12exterior_innThe recent addition to the campus of the Christiana Inn, seen on the left, makes it possible for us to get even more out of each conference because we can include evening activities and social events without having to travel. Our activities coordinator, Sarah Maynard always comes up with inventive games; this year we played Exquisite Corpse where we passed paper around, alternately adding a sentence or an illustration to illuminate what came before on the page. Fun!

07games46exterior_snowWe had a surprise snowfall during the weekend, but it did not slow us down.

After an informative and entertaining keynote address, “Trendwatch or Change Is Good (Right?)” from the wonderful Betsy Bird, we we broke into groups for specific sessions.

09LindaLinda Comacho, from Prospect Agency, gave a presentation titled, “Marketer Turned Agent Talks Craft: Writing a Manuscript That Gets and Keeps Everyone’s Attention.”

11KaraKara Laughlin’s talk, “Write to Inspire: Work for Hire,” was full of great ideas. She is an author and artist.

18VictoriaVictoria A. Selvaggio, from the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, gave a talk titled “Composing The Query Letter.”

21MalloryMallory P. Grigg, Senior Designer, Simon & Schuster, presented “So You Want To Get Published?”

24KathyOur own Kathy MacMillan, one of the Sweet Sixteen Debut Novelists, gave a talk titled “Taking Off the Training Wheels.”

32Stephen“A Tale of Three Agents,” was the tile of Stephen Barbara”s presentation. Stephen is an agent with Inkwell Management.

33JessJess Tice-Gilbert, Senior Art and Novelty Designer at Scholastic’s Cartwheel Imprint, gave a presentation titled “What Makes a Great (Novelty) Picture Book?”

31Lois“Fiction Doesn’t Mean Fake,” was the talk by Lois Sepahban, a Sweet Sixteen Debut Novelist.

39Traci2Traci Todd, Executive Editor at Abrams Appleseed gave a presentation titled, “Writing With Pictures: Considering the Pictures when Writing for Picture Books and Graphic Novels.”

41Janet“Pitch Perfect,” was the talk given by Janet Sumner Johnson, a Sweet Sixteen Debut Novelist.

42AvaAva Jae, a Sweet Sixteen Debut Novelist, gave her talk, “From the Ground Up: World Building in Sci-Fi/Fantasy.”

51Nanci&Andrew“Revising a Novel from the Author’s and Editor’s Perspectives,” was the title of the talk given by Nanci Turner Stevenson and her editor, Andrew Harwell, Senior Editor, HarperCollins Children’s Books.

49KarenAuthor Karen Whiting gave a talk titled “Turning Imagination and Play into Books.”

48sixteens_panelLiterary agent Stephen Barbara was the moderator of a panel made up of the Sweet Sixteen Debut Novelists: Laura Shovan, Janet Sumner Johnson, Kathy Macmillan, Ava Jae, and Lois Sepahban. The title of the session was, “Authors Get Real: Working With an Agent.”

36dining137dining2In between the sessions, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch — I think the Claggett does a great job with the food! Those who stayed at the Inn had an equally tasty supper included in the price of lodging.

28Nanci_critiquing35Nanci_critiquing2One of the terrific benefits of these SCBWI conferences is the opportunity to have your work critiqued by members of the faculty. Nancy Turner Stevenson gave her undivided attention to the writers who asked her advice.

54schmoozing56schmoozing2Another great benefit is the schmoozing!

63faculty_panelThe conference events on Saturday ended with an all faculty panel moderated by Sarah Maynard. Faculty members from left to right: Linda Comacho, Jess Tice-Gilbert, Andrew Harwell, Stephen Barbara, Traci Todd, Victoria Selvaggio, Mallory Grigg, and Betsy Bird.

Sunday attendees could choose from one of six workshops, led by faculty. Another wonderful lunch followed, and then we headed home.

It was a great conference; hope to see you there next year!

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2 Responses to Photos from Team SCBWI Conference

  1. Susan Peters says:

    Lovely post, Susan! Catching the excitement of new ideas and interesting convo is difficult – just looks like talking heads. There was plenty of both as well as a beautiful setting at the conference, and Mike did a terrific job of capturing the spirit.

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