Fun With Cross-Pollination in SCBWI

Today we have the pleasure of guest blogger Mike Karg, our region’s Critique Group Coordinator. Take it away, Mike!

Fun With Cross-Pollination in SCBWI

That’s us in the middle, the orange section we all memorized in Social Studies in 4th grade.

Ole Westmaryware!

From the rolling Appalachian highlands, through tangles of rivers and roads, o’er the bay, to the Atlantic sands, tis a lovely country for sure.


But have you given thought to sharing your creative fruits with our colorful friends in yonder regions? Some bold souls have ventured beyond the borders of this fair land and attested to the goodwill of our neighbors in the surrounding SCBWI regions. These lovely people host regional conferences, coordinate critique groups and seldom bite (although it does look like MidSouth has a taste for southwest Virginia!)

So, make some calls and take to the road. Discover critique partners nearer than you knew. These links are entry points for those connections (for some, you’ll need to log in as an SCBWI member):
Ohio North
West PA
East PA
Ohio Central & South

If you are interested in finding and joining a critique group in your area of our region, visit our regional critique group page. If you have any questions, email Mike Karg <>


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