One last thing (OK maybe two, or three, or twelve…)


I’m packing my suitcase this evening and getting ready for that lonnnnnng drive over to MD tomorrow but I wanted to swing by the blog and do one more post of “good to know” items for those of you attending the conference this weekend.

So, since I’ve still got packing to do, let’s get to it! (and yes I’m posting this a wee bit early but wanted to catch you all with this before you hit the road!)

For those staying on site:

Please be sure to bring a blow dryer with you as they are not provided in the rooms at The Claggett Center.  This of course assumes you use a blow dryer – if not then no need (it’s not like a towel in Hitchhikers Guide so you’ll be safe without one!)


Missed out on signing up for an intensive?  Not to worry – there is still space available! Just email mddewv@scbwi  with the name of the intensive you would like to attend and bring a check for payment with you on Sunday.

For Critiques:

  • Note that all critiques will take place at the Inn in one of the conference rooms. Posted schedules in the main building and at the inn will list names, critique times, and locations.
  • Please arrive a couple of minutes before your scheduled critique so the volunteer can check you in.
  • Please be courteous of your fellow attendees and the reviewers’ time. Everyone receiving a critique has a 15-minute face-to-face session. To be fair to all, please respect the 15-minute limit, even if no one follows you.

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