A Writer’s (Quirky) Christmas Wish List


I am in such a good mood. Can’t help it. I just love this time of year! I’m a shameless Christmasholic. Not sure if that’s a real condition, but if it is I don’t want a cure!

The holidays gets me to thinking about all sorts of things – food, family, decorating and, of course, presents! This begs the question “What would make a totally fun gift for a writer?”

The website The Write Life, gave their 23 Gifts for Writers. Check it out for some great ideas, both practical and off-beat. One of them is Famous Writer Action Figures (yes, that’s right…action figures), which you can find over at Amazon. Move over Barbie and Ken for the new power couple, Jane and Oscar!


While trying to sneak these into my Amazon shopping cart, I came across Shakespearean Insult Bandages.


Soooo much better than boring old band aids!

The Writers Store sells a Vintage Typewriter Key Charm Necklace. Each piece is made from actual keys from Remington, Smith Corona, Underwood or Royal typewriters. (Raise your hand if you actually used one of these, vintage or not.)


A U.K.-based website, The Literary Gift Company, has a ton of off-beat gifts for writers and lovers of all literature. You can even shop by genre! Of course I went to Children’s Literature and found this fabulous shirt:


What better way to declare your love for this classic novel and one of the best books evah?

Of course, the best gift for a writer is time and an inviting place to write. Our area has a number of unique coffee shops that have the perfect mix of atmosphere, food and caffeine to fuel the creative mind. I bet a lot of them give out gift certificates.

Have you compiled your holiday wish list? Please share it in the comments. You never know who may be reading them!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!


About Susan Mannix

Susan worked as a biomedical research editor for the Department of the Navy for fourteen years and has been a member of SCBWI since 2007. She writes young adult and middle grade novels. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time doing all things horses, including attending her teenaged daughters’ many competitions. Susan lives in Maryland on a small farm with her husband, two children, an adorable black lab, two cats, and three horses.
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1 Response to A Writer’s (Quirky) Christmas Wish List

  1. Laura Bowers says:

    This is great, Susan, thanks! I especially love the typewriter charm. So cute! And there’s also Chuck Wendig’s hilarious Gift for Writers 2014 suggestions … but anyone who dislikes naughty language should NOT read it!

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