Critique Group Info “Catch-All”

critiqueSoooo, I’m 2 days late with this post BUT to make up for it you will get two posts in a row this week from me. Let’s call it the ATEB double header…. Ahem.

I’m taking advantage of my blogging position here to do a “catch-all” post about all things critique group, where we’re at, what our current needs are and where we’re going…

Where we’re at.

As of today there are 101 members listed on the spreadsheet. That’s up from 36 when I came on board – so – yay!!!! In addition there are 11 critique groups listed, four of which are active and looking for members and four which are forming (hold this thought, I’ll get back to it…)

The critique group database is very diverse and there is something for everyone on it. It changes all the time so please visit often!

How about that online group (Forum based/video chat)? AKA – Where we’re going.
There are a number of members that are interested in online groups, and I could get one or more set up pretty quickly, however, I don’t have the time to facilitate said group(s). Running an online group is pretty much the same as running a face to face group as you need to be able to rally the troops and stay on track. While it helps to be a bit tech savvy to facilitate an inline group, you don’t have to have a degree in computer science! If you can blog or are active in social media, you have the skill set to do this!

If you’re willing to volunteer to run an online group, please contact me and we can chat.

Updating the list – Our current needs.
To that  thought I said I’d come back to, the spreadsheet is only as good as the info on it and keeping that information current is important. Several of you are very good at sending updates (I’m looking at you Mike Karg <3) and I really appreciate it. This helps keep frustration levels down when members are looking for groups and continue to hit dead ends such as members who are no longer looking for groups or groups that are currently not accepting  members.
An email will be going out soon to remind people to send their updates to me (I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year so definitely not until December!) but if you currently have updates, please do send them to me.

Sent me an email or filled out a form at the conference and still haven’t heard back from me?
Please let me know. A number of errors can occur on m my end from not getting your email, to me mistyping your name in the spreadsheet invite, to me spacing out (yeah I do that occasionally)… I don’t mind being contacted again, and you’re never a bother! I’d much rather here form you than you not being on the list to find a group.

If you need to send a new request, please go here and click on the purple “Click Here” text.

In Closing
I can’t stress how important it is for you to take an active role in locating a critique group or partner. The spreadsheet is simply a tool for you to use to begin your search. Stay flexible in your search, don’t discount groups or members due to experience, locale or genres. This region is pretty spread out and it creates a unique challenge to finding a group. The more you’re willing to work to solve the logistical issues and those of differing genres, the more successful you will be.

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