More On the Road to Sparkling Children’s Literature conference news!

Wow. I seriously can’t believe the  “On the Road to Sparkling Children’s Literature” is THIS SATURDAY. Anyone else shocked at how quickly this month is going? Hands? Hands?

Photo: Anankkml,

Photo: Anankkml,

If you’re not feeling prepared, never fear, here’s some conference tips for you to read:

Susan Mannix also did a bang-up job of recapping links to all our posted interviews with conference speakers and presenters in Tuesday’s post. Go here if you missed it!

If you’re attending David Teague’s Collaboration, Inspiration, and the Sound of your Own Voice intensive on Sunday like I am, (can’t wait!!) then be sure to bring one copy of an excerpt from a work in progress—an entire scene, ideally, in the range of three to five pages long, capable of standing on its own.

Also, for those of you who are coming in on Friday night and/or are staying on Saturday night: If you are interested in meeting and socializing with other conference attendees, the Hilton has a lovely bar/grill area that will be open later than usual! There is also a nice sofa area by a fireplace as well as a large conference table in the lobby. I’ll be leaving some SCBWI stickers at the check-in desk for those who would like to identify themselves. Don’t be shy–some of my best writing buddies are ones I’ve met at conference!

And finally, we have several Twitter volunteers who will be tweeting throughout the conference.

Once I find out what hashtag will be used, I’ll be sure to have Susan Mannix announce it on tomorrow’s post.

ETA: Jennifer just let me know that the hashtag they’re be using is #SparklingLit. Thanks, Jennifer!

Okay, that’s about it! If you have any questions or concerns, please post it in the comments below. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does! We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend and I hope everyone has a great conference!

Happy writing and drawing. 🙂

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