Sad and fab As The Eraser Burns news!

Let’s get the bad news out of the way, shall we?


It is with a droopy heart that I must announce that Larissa Graham has retired from our As The Eraser Burns blogging team in order to focus more time on writing and her family. Larissa’s posts have always been informative, poignant, and insightful so she’ll be dearly missed! (Here’s a couple of my favorite posts by Larissa on characters: Part One and Part Two.)

We do have a fabulous bright side, however: Our new blogger is our very own regional illustrator coordinator, Susan Detwiler! I know, right? How awesome is that? I’m thrilled she said yes because ATEB has been lacking in picture books and illustrating posts for some time. Susan will fill that void beautifully since she’s both a picture book writer and illustrator. Last Friday, Susan Mannix posted our interview with Susan about her recent release, Fine Life for a Country Mouse.

Click here if you missed it!


Now all we need to do is figure out a way to not confuse Susan Mannix and Susan Detwiler. 🙂

Happy writing and drawing, everyone, and don’t forget–the conference registration deadline is TODAY, so hustle on over to our SCBWI website if you haven’t registered already!


About Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, and blogger at As The Eraser Burns, Joyful Miles, and Write, Run, Rejoice. In the past, she's been a waitress, telemarketer, cook, real estate agent, and during her college days, a costumed character at holiday parades. (Memories of being terrorized as a candy cane still haunt her at night.) At the age of thirty, she pursued her dream of being a writer. Her first novel, Beauty Shop for Rent, a “Steel Magnolias for teens,” was inspired by a rusted sign by a charming old house, and now, she can honestly say that writing is a thousand times more rewarding than being a candy cane!
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One Response to Sad and fab As The Eraser Burns news!

  1. Larissa, good luck with your writing and family time. Susan, looking forward to reading your posts!

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