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Part One: Creating Strong Characters

Here’s a question for everyone who writes, illustrates, and is in any way involved in the shaping of a child’s perspective: do you feel responsible for creating characters that dispel misconceptions and stereotypes?  More and more, my answer is yes. … Continue reading

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Member News

Hello everyone! Welcome to a an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon that is more spring than summer like! First off, let’s wish a belated Happy Book Birthday to chapter member Kelly Fiore!  Her second YA novel, JUST LIKE THE MOVIES, was released … Continue reading

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On the Road to Sparkling Children’s Literature: September 2014

It’s July 22nd and I have one question: Have you signed up for our region’s conference “On the Road to Sparkling Children’s Literature”? Yeah, I know it’s only been open for one day, but really, what are you waiting for? … Continue reading

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Save Yourselves!!!

Or your work rather… How often do you save your documents or illustrations?  Do you back your work up? If so how often? Is your backed up data stored locally or in the cloud? I consider myself to be pretty … Continue reading

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The Name Game

Names can help us convey who our characters are, where they’re from and, in some cases, even what they look like. One almost hisses when they say the name Katniss, a nod to her stealth and feline agility. Hannibal Lecter … Continue reading

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Lessons to learn from Author Anonymous: Read what you love

Have you seen Authors Anonymous? I’ve never heard about it until I saw it at a Red Box. When a dysfunctional group of unpublished writers accept Hannah into their fold, the last thing they expect is her overnight success. Can … Continue reading

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More fantastic member news!

Happy (late) 4th of July, everyone! Today we have more awesomely wonderful REGIONAL MEMBER NEWS to start the week of! This one if for Kathy MacMillan‘s two-book deal with HarperTeen as announced by Publishers Weekly: Alexandra Cooper at HarperTeen has … Continue reading

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Member News & Conference Scholarship Info

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I have some awesome, amazing … REGIONAL MEMBER NEWS … to share, so let me jump right in by giving a HUGE congratulations and mighty woo-HOO to Laura Shovan for her recently announced two book deal with … Continue reading

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