New York 2014 Conference Buzz

I don’t know about you guys but I’m still in conference mode after Springs Revised Draft! It’s actually a great frame of mind to be in as I find I’m most productive after basking in all the writer and artist energy – so thank you all for that. I’m now in the midst of tidying up all the new Critique Group members and getting ready to send the info out (by this weekend I promise!) so I’m going to take advantage of the generous offer from Sue Poduska to run her wrap up of the 2014 NY SCBWI conference! You know – to keep you all in conference mode with me…
Take it away Sue!

Childish Nonsense

20140221_112926 Big giant head in hotel lobby sporting Suess hat for the children’s writers

Another amazing SCBWI conference is in the bag. Just a quick run through of my notes. Hope this helps some who couldn’t be there, but there’s nothing like being there.

The overall theme was the seven essentials for children’s literature. Some speakers really took this to heart. Others did not.

I did not attend a Friday intensive though I did help with the registration for this event. I hear the intensives were great.

There was a party for industry professionals Friday night, along with the illustrator portfolio showcase. A lot of freaking talent in that room! My Co-Regional Advisor, Sue Peters, and I used the opportunity to start seeking speakers for regional conferences. (Sneaky RAs)

Saturday began with introductions by Steve Mooser and Lin Oliver. With 1085 registrants, 153 were men (up a little), 867 were women…

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  1. jsalleva says:

    This is wonderful!  Many thanks to all involved in writing and sharing this. I really appreciate hearing all the great info. 🙂 Jeanne J.S. Alleva

    As the Eraser Burns wrote:

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