Event- Michael Muller at the Mount Airy Public Library on January 18th!

Are you looking for a break from illustrating, writing, and/or social media platform building?  Then, look no further.  Come to the Mount Airy Public Library on Saturday the 18th to meet author and Baltimore artist Michael Muller and Mirabelle-his adorable Boston Terrier.  She’s not just any Boston Terrier either, she’s the star of Muller’s book series, The Adventures of Mirabelle.
Muller is a former teacher and gallery owner whose books are a unique minimalist blend of photography, strong black lines, and carefully placed bold colors.  Muller and Mirabelle bring to life the adventure that can be found in every tiny moment.  Listen to Michael as he reads about his outings with Mirabelle as she plays ball, chases a butterfly, and takes a walk.  Experience Mirabelle’s joy as she masters the art of living in the moment.
Being the proud owner of a Boston Terrier myself, I don’t plan to miss it.  Hope to see some of you there.  Please register all attendees at the link: https://library.carr.org/programs/reg_one.asp?record=25209
All three of Muller’s picture books were released at the same time-I’m crossing my fingers for that kind of fortune (and talent) in the New Year.
Happy Writing and Illustrating everyone.
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