Invest in Yourself this Holiday Season

I’m still ruminating on the New Year.  I can’t seem to help myself, actually.  My brain is consumed with ideas for advancing my writing career.  And, what better time to compile a creative wish list than during the Holidays?  Being a practical girl at heart, I’ve decided on a few things that will help me to become a better writer and artist.

So, if you’re having trouble making your wish list or don’t know what to do with those imminent gift cards, why not consider investing in yourself?

Sixty-six percent of the nation is covered in snow as I write this blog post.  And, I just read we are expecting 1-2 more inches of snow tomorrow.  It’s not even officially winter, yet.  So, I’m thinking fingerless gloves, blankets, scarves, good coffee, chocolate, and tropical vacations, would all make for nice gifts.  (Surely, these things are work related.)


Then, there’s the more practical gifts to consider- a backed up hard drive, a domain name, a workshop or two, a new computer, a scanner, art supplies, and/or admission to the SCBWI conference (ahem-okay, the last one was a blatant hint at the upcoming March conference).  But, let’s face it, that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Another idea is to actually progress to the check out with those books that have been in your Amazon cart for way too long.  Or, how about taking a stroll down memory lane and ordering some of the books that have contributed to the creative person you are today?  A little reflection on the work that has shaped you could be inspiring or, at the very least, telling.

Always in search of a deal, I’ve been thinking of ways to advance in my craft without spending any money.  Now’s as good a time as any to form that critique group you’ve been thinking about.  Or, you could put some extra time and effort into social media, research, editing, and/or publicity.  What about forming a team to promote creative work?

Not to be forgotten, there’s the true gift of giving to others.  Why not donate your time and expertise by getting together as a group and mentoring new artists and/or writers?  The people who have done this for me will never be forgotten and their influence has been priceless.

I wish you all the love and laughter that you can stand this Holiday Season.


Happy writing and illustrating-

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3 Responses to Invest in Yourself this Holiday Season

  1. Kara says:

    Is the March conference registration open?

  2. Larissa Graham says:

    Registration is not open, yet.

  3. Sue Poduska says:

    Thanks, Larissa. Some fantastic ideas!

    Registration for March won’t open until the end of January.

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