1, 2, 3- Easy as ABC With Ann McCallum

Yikes, Susan and I have been doing some much-needed spring cleaning in the As The Eraser Burns dashboard, and we came across this awesome recap Larissa Graham did for Ann McCallum’s ABC Event back in 2012 that never published! Our deepest apologies, Ann, and since it’s such a lovely post, we thought we’d share it today in its original form:



A major Thank You to Naomi Milliner for providing us with this fabulous recap and photos of Ann McCallum’s ABC event in February.

1,2,3 – Easy as A,B,C!

What’s the probability that one plate of meatballs plus one gingerbread house equals a math cookbook? Extremely high – at least, if you’re Ann McCallum.
On February 11th, two dozen people (math and non-math lovers alike) gathered at the Twinbrook Library to hear Ann discuss the latest of her four math-oriented books, Eat Your Math Homework. The hands-on ABC event was fun, educational… and tasty!

Ann, a teacher at Richard Montgomery High, told us she “didn’t have a good math upbringing,” but demonstrated how both she and others can not only understand math concepts, but have fun doing so. Ann had audience members (including five students of various ages) identify tessellating patterns, then handed out bags of Probability Trail Mix to show probability in action. Her interactive exercises, easy-going rapport and sense of humor made it easy for even non-math people to have a great time and be inspired.
As for writing advice, Ann says, “It’s just perseverance.” She encourages writing every day – and if she can find the time with two kids and a full-time job, so can all of us.

Who wouldn’t love math when sugar coated brownies and trail mix are involved?
Thanks, Ann for presenting such a spectacular ABC event.  Happy writing and creating to all-
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  1. Naomi–

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing the event.

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