Coffee & Conversation with Pam Bachorz!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today we have the lovely Pam Bachorz in the cyber cafe, author of the young adult dystopian novel, CANDOR, which was selected as both a Black-Eyed Susan pick and a TAYSHAS pick, and DROUGHT, a haunting story of one community’s thirst for life, and the dangerous struggle of the only girl who can grant it!

Pam is also the weekend’s ABC Event quest speaker, where she will be discussing her writing journey followed by a Question and Answer session!

When: Saturday, September 8, 2012, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Where: Mid-County Community Center, 2004 Queensguard Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20906

Hope you can make it!

And now that she’s settled in the cyber cafe chair, let’s begin! Okay, Pam, for one day, time travel is a reality and you have the opportunity to visit any famous deceased author you want. Who do you pick?

I’d love to visit Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the ANNE books, amongst many others. Those books defined my childhood and I still think about them all the time.

If you could hit the rewind button, which book published by another author do you wish you could have written? Which movie screenplay?

Oh there’s no way—if I tried to write what another author did, it would come out entirely differently. I wouldn’t mind getting to take a crack at a screenplay for THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, or for FAHRENHEIT 451 …

You magically find a $100.00 bill in your box of cereal. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

I’d either download some new eBooks to my iPad or I’d head to the Lucky store and pray for a sale on jeans! Those are my uniform.

TV execs are offering you a spot on a new reality show for writers. Do you say yes? If so, how would you be portrayed?

I have been wishing for a reality show about writers for years. And I’d say yes in a heartbeat, because I am a terrible reality show addict. Likely I’d be portrayed as the brain, the boss, or the intense (let’s say passionate!) one.

Another hypothetical question: You’re a big-time celebrity who just had a baby. If you were competing for the most bizarre celebrity baby name, what would it be?

Oh, I advocated hard for our son to be named Ozymandias. My husband prevailed. So that’s what I’d have to pick in my celebrity life! I mean, my husband Johnny Depp wouldn’t mind at all …

Paparazzi are stalking you, looking for shots of odd things authors do while writing. What do they catch you doing, hmm?

They’d get me dancing and singing to all sorts of songs while I write. Right now I’ve been big into hillbilly music … and I’ve been singing with what I like to think is a most excellent twang.

You’ve been locked in a bank vault with the Twilight Zone guy, so you finally have time to read! What’s the first book you crack open? (And don’t worry—no one stepped on your glasses.)

I’m not reading, I need to talk to the Twilight Zone guy. I mean, it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. Maybe he’d have some intel or insight for me on writing creepy gee-it-could-happen stories. But if he MADE me read I think I’d head for a classic. Or a book for GROWN-UPS! (I read about one of those a year … everything else is YA and Middle Grade.)

If I asked the members of your critique group who you’re most like when critiquing manuscripts, would they choose Randy, Paula, or Simon? (And yes, I’m going with the original judges, here. :))

Simon. Simon. Simon. Because that’s what my critique partner asks me to be. Maybe that’s why I have a partner and not an entire group!

iTunes has invited you to submit a Celebrity Playlist of all your favorite songs. What tunes would make your top picks?

I have playlists for all my stories and the favorites are always rotating in and out. Right now some of the songs I’m obsessed with are: “Elevator” by Erin McCarley; “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas; and “Dark Am I” by Bison.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Erin McCarley! “Blue Suitcase” is my favorite with “Pony, It’s Okay” a close second. And I’m so excited about her new album and …

Sorry, got a little off course there. Okay, next question. If you followed the career path you chose for yourself in high school, what would you be doing for a living now?

I’d be editing the NEW YORK TIMES Science section. Well, I’m writing stories that incorporate little bits of science … so maybe I’m not entirely off! If I were living my OTHER high school dream, I’d be headlining Broadway musicals or starring on Glee as a diva. Watch out Lea Michele, I’m coming for you …

Ha, love it! Okay, if you could go back in time and make changes to any of your published books, would you?

No way, no how, I don’t even like to read them once they’re out. They are snapshots of my ideas and skills, and I hope to just keep getting the chance to make more and better snapshots for the rest of my life.

Great answer! And thanks so much, Pam, for a fun interview and for stopping by. Best of luck with your writing and we’re looking forward to this weekend’s ABC Event!

Happy writing and drawing, everyone!

About Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger/vlogger at Write, Run, Rejoice and Joyful Miles, mom of two college boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She clearly likes run-on sentences and adverbs. She also still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that.
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2 Responses to Coffee & Conversation with Pam Bachorz!

  1. Deborah Schaumberg says:

    Hey Pam, Thanks for turning me on to Erin McCarley. Wish I could make it to the event this Saturday, I know it will be great. Good luck. deb

  2. Ron Smith says:

    Pam’s books sound interesting. I’ll have to look into them.


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