Conference Wrap-Up

Whew! Right before the conference I was marveling at how time flies. Two-and-a-half weeks later and it’s still full speed ahead.

What a fantastic weekend we had! It started off with a bang thanks to author Bobbie Pyron who discussed how she managed to slip into the skin of a dog to create Tam’s chapters in her book A DOG’S WAY HOME.

Bobbie Pyron

Saturday ended with a keynote, “There Is No App for Eye Contact,” by the legendary Richard Peck. He spoke about how there is a need for story, now more than ever. There is no better storyteller than Mr. Peck – on paper and in person!

Richard Peck

Sunday morning’s keynote was given by by Deborah Wiles, who told conference goers to let go of pre-conceived notions, suspend the rules and take a risk.

Deborah Wiles

Our other two keynote speakers were in the afternoon. Author Sally Walker shared her strategy for finding ideas and inspiration for her work and the process she follows when researching.

Sally Walker

Author James Proimos was the final speaker with the provocative “How to Write a Novel That Sells in Ten Weeks,” where he shared his secrets to writing in ten weeks a short, smart, sellable novel.

James Proimos

Interspersed among these five speeches were some amazing breakout sessions – too many to recount here.  If that wasn’t enough, we all had the opportunity to buy books authored by our faculty and have them autographed. Honestly, I had to hold myself back from slapping down my credit card and say “I’ll have one of each, please!” And, of course, there were lots of critiques and portfolio reviews.  With all of that, I am sure just about everyone walked away a lot smarter and more inspired!

Here are a few more pictures:

Disney Hyperion Editor Rotem Moscovich



Richard Peck and Bobbie Pyron  sign books

Richard Peck signing books. He was very busy this weekend!

That’s it for the recap. I hope it brought back some good memories and maybe inspired those of you who were unable to attend to try and make our next conference.

Before you get back to your writing or illustrating – your  fearless bloggers are going to take a quick summer break and be back by September. With looming deadlines, family obligations and (eek!) school starting there’s hardly time to  catch our collective breaths! We promise to be back and ready to roll in a month!

Happy Dog Days everyone!

About Susan Mannix

Susan worked as a biomedical research editor for the Department of the Navy for fourteen years and has been a member of SCBWI since 2007. She writes young adult and middle grade novels. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time doing all things horses, including attending her teenaged daughters’ many competitions. Susan lives in Maryland on a small farm with her husband, two children, an adorable black lab, two cats, and three horses.
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2 Responses to Conference Wrap-Up

  1. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Looking forward to reading you again in a month or so. Carole

  2. Great wrap up, Susan. It really was a great conference. Can’t wait for the next one!

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