Coffee & Conversation with Christine Peterson!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Only FIVE MORE DAYS until our Creating Sparks: Kindle the Fire of Imagination conference, can you believe it? And good news, if you have not yet registered, you still have until this Wednesday for either mail-ins or online! (Click here.) We are also accepting walk-ins this weekend for an additional $10.00. Just think. Richard Peck? Deborah Wiles? James Proimos, all in one weekend?

Yes, please, I’ll take all three!

There will also be several editor and agents there to share their expertise, including Christine Peterson, who is joining us today in the cyber cafe!

(Missed any of our other pre-conference interviews? Here’s the links:)

Christine is a managing editor with Capstone, a leading publisher of children’s nonfiction, fiction, and digital media products, with offices in Minnesota, Chicago, and the United Kingdom. Christine joined Capstone as an editor in 2002 and has been a managing editor for five years. She oversees nonfiction imprints that produce curriculum-based, high-interest nonfiction for struggling and reluctant readers in grades one through six. She lives in Mankato, Minnesota, with her husband and two children.

And now that she’s settled in the cyber cafe chair with her favorite coffeehouse beverage, a tall Americano with cream . . .

And her favorite snack, old-fashioned popcorn made on the stovetop and tossed with real butter. Yummm . . .

Let’s begin! First off, Christine, what was your favorite book as a child?

I didn’t have one favorite book, but was a HUGE fan of the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read them all multiple times.

Love, love, LOVE those books! Okay, you magically find a $100.00 bill in your box of cereal. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

I’d take my family out for a nice meal at a restaurant.

You’ve been locked in a bank vault like that guy from The Twilight Zone, so you finally have time to read!  Your glasses remain unharmed, (whew,) so what’s the first book you crack open? 

George Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. I love U.S. History and own the biography. Now I just need to make time to read it.

If you followed the career path you chose for yourself in high school, what would you be doing for a living now? 

TV broadcasting—just like Mary Richards from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

For one day, time travel is a reality and you have the opportunity to visit any famous deceased author you want.  Who do you pick?

Margaret Mitchell. I read Gone with the Wind every year and admire Mitchell’s independence.

If you could sum up your best advice for new writers in only four words, what would it be?

Listen to your editor.

My editor would surely agree with that, Christine! Thanks for stopping by and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

Happy writing and drawing, everyone!


About Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger/vlogger at Write, Run, Rejoice and Joyful Miles, mom of two college boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She clearly likes run-on sentences and adverbs. She also still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that.
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