Announcing the Jack Reid Scholarship Winners for Illustration!

I am very pleased to announce our first, second, and third place winners for the “Illustrator” portion of the Jack Reid Scholarship.  Each applicant was invited to send up to 3 images, which were judged for design, consistency, narrative quality, and an overall professional look.

Our first place winner is Vonnie Crist, who will receive free registration for the “Staying On Track” Conference to be held on July 16 & 17, 2011.  Here’s a sample of her amazing work.

Our second place winner is Juliette Furlong, who will receive a portfolio review at our July conference from our featured illustrator, Lauren Stringer. Juliette’s sample was done as a character study for one of her works-in-progress.  Juliette also designed the wonderful brochure for our “Staying On Track” conference!

Our third place winner is Caryl Williams, who also will receive a portfolio review by Lauren Stringer.  Caryl’s illustrations are from her own picture book-in-progress, THE WORDS, whose survival depends upon being placed within the context of a story or other piece of writing.

Congratulations to all three winners!  You’ll be able to see more of their work on display at the “Staying On Track” conference on July 16th & 17th!  Don’t forget to register soon.  The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is July 6th.  And the DEADLINE to submit manuscripts for critique is just a week away, June 25th!  As of now, there’s plenty of room for manuscript critiques, even to have two reviewed.

And before I close this post, I’d also like to give a “Woo-Hoo” to Pam Smallcomb, whose picture book I’m Not just won a 2011 Parents’ Choice Recommended award!  Here are links for more about Pam:

About ediehemingway

I am an author of children's middle grade novels and the Regional Advisor for the MD/DE/WV SCBWI chapter.
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3 Responses to Announcing the Jack Reid Scholarship Winners for Illustration!

  1. Cynthia L. Cavett says:

    These illustrations are fabulous!! Big congratulatons to the winners – you all deserve it!! Good luck!!!

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