Critiques aren’t only for aspiring writers!

Many of my books were published back in what now seems like the “good ‘ol days.”  In the past few years, as the market for books, especially picture books, has tightened, I’ve had several manuscripts critiqued at a MD/DE/WV conference.  I’ve received good feedback that gave me a new sense of direction, a way forward.  I encourage published writers to have a critique if you need someone to help you sort out how to move a ms forward.  Take the plunge — submit a manuscript, one in good form but needing some work before it’s submitted to a publishing house.  Critiques are for published authors too, not just aspiring writers. You won’t regret it.

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2 Responses to Critiques aren’t only for aspiring writers!

  1. Joseph Fleck says:

    Thanks for your sage advice and encouragement! I find the prospect of a review exciting, daunting and an opportunity for growth. I hope to meet you at the Spring Into Action conference.

  2. I agree, Mary. I signed up for a critique. I always get feedback I can use. Even we published animals need all the good information we can get to stay competitive.

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