Trouble with Query Letter?

I’ve mentioned Jane Friedman’s blog There Are No Rules on the Writer’s Digest website before. There may not be rules but getting published definitely has some tricks we can all use. Jane’s blog is not strictly for children’s writers, but the focus is often on writing skills needed by all of us. Today’s entry has good info. and leads to other articles on how to write an effective query.  I found good information in a recommended article that lives up its title, “Five Query Writing Tips.” As I drank my morning cuppa, I had to laugh (and relish in) tip #1:

1. Give us something with voice. Agent Dan Lazar once said it like this. “Instead of saying ‘Jane Smith is tall, blonde, pretty and lives in New York,’ try ‘Manhattanite Jane Smith turns heads wherever she goes and hasn’t paid for a drink since high school.'” Both sentences are essentially saying the same thing, but the second version 1) paints a picture, and 2) establishes voice in the query.

You may have known your query needs to project your voice, but a double-check once in a while doesn’t hurt.

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1 Response to Trouble with Query Letter?

  1. ediehemingway says:

    Mary, thanks for this resource! “There Are No Rules” is one of the blogs I read on a regular basis.

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