To Market, To Market

A report from Sarah Maury Swan

Presenting the market report in a blog format will allow me to get news to you much more quickly than as part of a quarterly newsletter.  I hope you find these market blogs helpful.  Please let me know what you’d like included. As always, I’ve checked out which guides list information about the publishers mentioned in the blog entry.  And I’ve used the most current guide—2010, at the moment.  BMCW=Book Markets for Children’s Writers; CWIM=Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Markets.  My information primarily comes from Children’s Writer newsletter which is put out by the Institute of Children’s Literature ; Harold Underdown’s “Purple Crayon” site; and Publishers Weekly’s Publishers Lunch.

The September 2009 issue of Children’s Writer had an article on how illustrations can enhance picture books for older readers, giving the author latitude to use challenging words and expand the text past 32 pages.  Lee & Low Books, Inc. (BMCW pg. 273; CWIM pg. 190); Paulist Press [BMCW pg. 342; CWIM pg. 202]; Storey Publishing [see under Workman Publishing in BMCW pg. 452]; Holiday House [BMCW pg. 237; CWIM pg. 184]; and Peachtree Publishers [BMCW pg. 344; CWIM pg. 202] all publish picture books for older readers and all still accept unsolicited and un-agented submissions.

I’ll try to get out a market blog once a week.

Until then,

Sarah Maury Swan.


About ediehemingway

I am an author of children's middle grade novels and the Regional Advisor for the MD/DE/WV SCBWI chapter.
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